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Inspection & Auditing


Oil and Gas Inspection


NSTPL experienced professionals offer you the experience, expertise, knowledge and diplomacy necessary to ensure that your project remains on schedule. We obtain and reaffirm delivery promises from your suppliers. Plus, we fully investigate all aspects of their scheduling to ensure they meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time.

NSTPL expediting services cover every phase of your production process, enabling you to:

  • Keep up-to-date with your project with periodic status reports tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Identify areas that may cause potential delays. If delays do occur, we implement quick counter measures to help you avoid further postponement.
  • Ensure that materials and equipment are delivered on time and fulfill contractual delivery terms.

NSTPL expediting services include:

  • Coordination of expediting with all suppliers.
  • Monitoring the dispatch of material.
  • Expediting visits.
  • Field and desk expediting.
  • Inspection.
  • Recommendations for necessary measures.
  • Reporting.
  • Situation assessment for your overall project.
  • Supplier performance monitoring.

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Pipelines Construction

North Star techno Services Pvt. Ltd. undertakes execution of cross-country pipeline projects, involving laying including OFC, horizontal direct drilling (HDD), testing, pre commissioning and commissioning of pipelines. And construction of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and instrumentation for composite station works, cathodic protection system for pipelines / stations.

We have executed prestigious orders In India, for the development of their oil & gas field we have team of Each:

  • Indrprastha Gas Limited: - we are laying PE pipeline and providing domestic connection. Indprastha Gas is no CGD company of India for Domestic Connection (11Lac) and CNG Station (5K).
  • Central UP Gas Limited: - CUGL is JV Company of Gail and BPCL, we are providing services of PE laying, Domestic Connection and Marketing work for Kanpur GA.
  • Haridwar Netural Gas Pvt Ltd: - HNGPL is JV Company of Gail Gas and BPCL, we are providing services of PE laying, Domestic Connection and Marketing work for Haridwar GA.
  • Indial Oil Adani Gas Pvt Ltd: - IOAGPL is JV of Indian Oil and Adani Gas we are providing services of PE laying, Domestic Connection and Marketing work for Dharwad and South Goa GA.
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Pipes & Pipelines inspection services

NSTL has extensive experience in pipeline inspection and have been the quality services provider for many of the large project in India.

To provide cost- effective solutions for all types of pipelines project throughout India.

Pipe Inspection during Manufacturing:

As new line pipe is rolled and/or fabricated, inspection is important to ensure no faulty pipe and material are installed inspection can be at the place of manufacture or at material receipt.

NSTPL helps in ensuring that all pipe produced meets customer requirement and conforms to accepted standards.

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Technical Staffing Services

Wherever your operations are based, we need to recruit the best manpower resources available. Our recruitment & services delivery team provides specialist knowledge to the international oil & gas petrochemical, engineering and construction industry with a specific focus on quality, project & inspection services. We strives to provide the best blend of technical professional and add value services.

We strive to provide the best blend of technical professional and add value services to your project.

We offer :

  • Contract and leasing recruitment.
  • Permanent and headhunting recruitment.
  • Project management solutions.
  • Managed service provider.
  • Contract management Support.
  • Payrolling and tax compliant Services.
  • logistics; flights,visas,work permits,accomadation and local transportation.

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Vendor Inspection

North Star techno services pvt. Ltd. Provides vendor Inspection services as third party and 2nd party Inspections.


In most industrial sectors (such as chemical, automotive, metallurgical, or oil & gas), large construction projects involve the purchase of a vast number of items supplied by many manufacturers. Quality and safety are key for these projects. So it is of vital importance to check the quality of every single item, no matter how small. These items range from raw material to finished products. As some indication of the diversity of items concerned. They can include pipes and tubes, equipment ranging from values and faucets to boilers and motors, engines for anything from lifting equipment to elevators, electrical and electronic devices.


What is Vendor Inspection?

Vendor Inspection involves inspecting items at their place of manufacture before delivery this is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product, services, process pieces of equipment or installation compiles with expressed needs, customer expectations applicable regulations or other specific requirement.

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