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Audit in Education and Skill

Education & Skill play a very critical role in deciding growth of nation It is education which is synthesizing factor and builds both common ethos and institutions which are of paramount importance for national growth and security, whether political, economic, social or cultural. The impact of an education on economic growth is well documented. Inspection and audits in Education and Skill are crucial to check and run through the entire system to ascertain the validity & authenticity of – norms of the Institution, Philosophy of the Institution & the Input given to the stake holders of the Institute set by governing bodies of the nation. North Star undertakes Education & Skill Audits for Institutions partnering them to identify gaps and capitalize on new opportunities. We take a rigorous approach to the areas of your Education and skill ecosystem that can be difficult to quantify or measure. Our team understand the cause of these gaps and how to develop methods to mitigate the risks by using right IT and management tools, experience and leadership to deliver success, and to be regarded by our clients as a critical factor in successful project delivery.

• Third Party Assessment
• Assessment & compliance
• Quality Assurance
• Design of Regulatory and
• Governance framework
• Survey, Training & Certification

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